How does the Certification Board oversee the certification program?

ASQ Certification Board Value Statement

The ASQ Certification Board provides Leadership and Stewardship, with Integrity and Customer Focus, of the process for certifying Quality Professionals both now and in the future.

Stewardship: We assume the responsibility to organize and manage intellectual property of the Quality movement, including certification exams and related products. Our efforts imply and require a vision of, and dedication to, the Quality profession.  The Board is tasked with outreach to internal and external customers, to communicate the value and importance of Certification to both employers and quality professionals.

Integrity:  We oversee and uphold professionalism as a primary characteristic of our certification process, product, and application.  A firm personal ethic becomes the strong professional ethic of volunteer members which, in turn, becomes personal validation. Broad-based certifications, multilingual, fair and unbiased in content and availability, are our product.

Customer Focus:  ASQ, as leader of a diverse, ever-expanding, global quality community, supports quality professionals in academia, industry, and government.  We create new certifications defined by the values and requirements of our customers, recognizing them as the future owners of quality knowledge, practice, and dissemination. We network with others across the world to advance innovation and the understanding of the value and importance of quality knowledge, professions, and certifications.

Teamwork, Involvement, Cooperation, and Partnering:  We respect the values of others and strive for consensus. Teamwork and partnering encourage opportunities, inside and outside the quality community, for personal and professional development.  Employee and corporate application of technology, tools, and processes fosters skill enhancement, employee expertise, and empowerment at all professional levels.

Application of Quality Tools and Techniques:  Our dynamic, living strategy focuses on short- and long-term strategic planning and quality management. We create opportunities for the application of knowledge and skills, outreach and sharing of ideas, and on-going improvement in machine and computer technology. We believe that only the best we do today will be carried forward to tomorrow.