What is Team Excellence?

ASQ’s International Team Excellence award process is the world’s premier team recognition program—awarding teams from companies large and small for their achievements in improving business performance.

What can you learn from being a part of Team Excellence and attending Live Case Studies?

Learn—See how companies from around the world are successfully using quality concepts, technologies, and tools to improve themselves and the overall efficiency of their organizations.

Share – Showcase and gain recognition for your organization’s continuous improvement process.

Benchmark – See how your team measures up against the best of the best in quality processes from around the world!

Recognition – Promote employee recognition and motivate staff to embrace quality practices throughout your organization.

Why participate in Team Excellence in 2016?

Winner of 2016 South Asia Team Excellence Award gets a Direct Entry to International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) competition to be held in May 2017, USA.

All projects to be evaluated by International jury members.

First 40 applications will  be eligible for evaluation.

Top 16 entries will get an opportunity to present Live presentations on Nov 26, 2016.

How Much Does Participation Cost?

Participation Fee

Entry Fee: INR 30,000/+ tax (per entry)

No limits to number of entries from an organization.


Visitors Registration Fee

Entry for 1 person: INR 5000/+tax

Group of 3: INR 10,000/+ tax