How to convince your boss that you NEED to be at this conference:

Get Inspired …

See how other companies from all over the world have used quality tools to positively impact their bottom line in the 2016 South Asia Team Excellence Award Process/Quality Impact Sessions. These live case studies will take you through some of the most successful quality implementations from a wide variety of industries.

Expert Advice
The Conference features world-class keynote speakers who are eager to inspire you with stories of how quality has been successful through the years, educate you on the latest in quality methodologies, and connect you with others passionate about quality.

Immediate Impact
As soon as you get back to work, you can start implementing some of the tips, tricks, and ideas you take away from the conference. You’ll hear success stories on continuous improvement initiatives, ways to decrease waste and improve productivity, and how to increase operational efficiency.

Get Connected …

Join the Community
ASQ with 70 years of legacy in leadership of quality, is an 80000 strong community of professionals and 1000 corporates (including several FORTUNE 100 companies), across 140 countries. ASQ professionals and corporates are passionate about quality and its continuing critical role in improving Quality of Life on a global basis. ASQ strongly values the principles of professionalism, sharing and nurturing of knowledge founded on global best practices.

Demonstrate Commitment to Quality
Your organization has experienced the positive effects of quality. Come and share your stories and experiences with others. By attending this conference, your organization will be on par with some of the leading organizations from around the world—and that will reinforce your organization’s commitment to quality in the eyes of your competitors, your colleagues, and your community.

Networking & Brand Association
The ASQ conference will be a unique platform for convergence of quality brands. The best and most successful minds will showcase the triumphs and trials leading to powerful execution.

Get Educated …

What’s happening?
This is a content packed conference, where the sessions and speakers have been chosen to bring out the latest developments in the art and science of creating and sustaining a winning culture. Successful implementations from around the world and this region will be highlighted, and you can pick up the methods and tools directly from its innovative practitioners.

Learn How to - from the Experts
Leaders will share some of the most exemplary cases of successful process transformation. Feel free to question them on the unique challenges they faced. Various interactive sessions will bring you close to the practitioners who have rich experiences to relate.

More Than Just a Conference
Be a part of ASQ’s first major conference in this part of the world. Be the first to learn those unique approaches that will help you in your workplace. Learn the ropes from those who have been there, done that. Explore the opportunities for learning enhancement, certification and credentialing, and from industry trends that you can leverage.