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Members can now win "Early Bird" upon renewal

An ASQ Membership opens doors to a suite of services that help augment your career, to propel you to the highest levels of achievement. There are no shortcuts to success. One needs commitment and dedication to carve a niche in this competitive world.

This is exactly what ASQ strives at doing. Our members become significant leaders in the quality movement, who work towards making their work-place, the business they are in, and this world a better place. The resources and tools available helps you learn and develop, and makes you a skilled quality practitioner.

Acknowledging the value of this association and believing that it will grow stronger, ASQ as a token of appreciation have launched an “early bird” prize campaign wherein you win a natty ASQ branded fine cotton T-shirt upon renewing your membership by the 10th of the month, in which your renewal is due.

To claim an Early Bird click here