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ASQ BoK Lean Six Sigma Program  


Six Sigma is an approach for achieving near-perfection levels of process excellence in a structured manner. Deriving its inputs from several sources, including works of many proponents of quality, Six Sigma strives for virtually error free performance. From a business perspective, Six Sigma focusses on reducing the variation of a process using a data-driven decision-making approach.

Director – ASQ South Asia


The Six Sigma level of performance is equivalent to 2 per billion defectives in the short-term and 3.4 parts per million in the long-term. The approach embodies a wide array of techniques that include Graphical, Qualitative, Quantitative and Statistical Tools. These tools are used in a structured methodology called DMAIC that stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Whilst, Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation in processes, Lean, as a discipline, focuses on reducing the wastes (non-value-added activities) in the processes. The concepts of six sigma and lean are often intertwined as the two initiatives approach their common purpose from slightly different angles. Needless to mention, organizations across the globe are venturing into Lean Six Sigma initiatives/projects to leverage the synergies of both the approaches.

ASQ South Asia’s flagship Lean Six Sigma program is based on the ASQ Body of Knowledge (BoK) that is quite comprehensive covering the different aspects of the Six Sigma approach including management theory and statistical concepts. Aside from the fundamentals and tools of Six Sigma, the program also covers various elements and tools of Lean. The in-depth Lean Six Sigma Training offered by ASQ South Asia is for a duration of 8 days at the Green Belt Level, 15 days at the Black Belt Level and 12 days at the Master Black Belt level.

The program is offered by experts in the field who boast of outstanding academic credentials and hands-on industry experience. The program is so structured that it provides a unique blend of concepts, tools of Lean Six Sigma, Statistical Approaches to Quality, real-life case studies and application exercises using the Minitab Software.

The programs are offered in two modes - class-room sessions and live, instructor-led online sessions. Both the offerings provide the participants the opportunity to interact, on a real-time mode, with the faculty and learn from their diverse expertise and experience.

ASQ South Asia’s training programs on various areas of quality management, including Lean Six Sigma, are being considered as top-notch in the business by both the corporates and quality professionals in this region. If you are looking for a gold standard in Six Sigma certification and want to understand the conceptual underpinnings and practical applications of Lean Six Sigma, under the tutelage of accomplished experts in the operational excellence domain, ASQ South Asia is the place to stop by.