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    Anil Kumar

    How can we put quality principle in our life?




    The cell phone, and the kid who at long last discovered his magic

    These are days of current electronic contraptions; and individuals have turned out to be so dependent on them they barely bode well in their existence without them. Youngsters are no special case. When I was a kid fifty years back, these contraptions were incredible, and we were left outside to play happily, down to business. For us then nature was toy, instrument, and mentor. We got happiness from it.

    Presently, it is unbelievable. Barely a tyke is seen without an electronic device, whether pretend or genuine, intruding and playing with it so much that nature scarcely matters for him/her — the sweet sounds, the shrieking of the wind, the chattering of winged creatures, the blowing of fallen leaves, the sound of downpour…

    I recall my neighbor’s kid. The youthful father was my companion; there was a 20-year distinction between us.

    The tyke had turned ten and had been consistent in his studies, bringing about no worry to his dad, mother or educators. In any case, the youngster abruptly changed. Entranced by notices on TV, one day he approached his father for a cellular telephone, in a perfect world ‘a savvy one’. He needed the genuine one, and not a toy. The father said in a persuading voice: “Look, my tyke, it’s too soon for you to have a cell phone. When you grow up I will give you one. Presently you focus on your studies.” The father trusted a cellular telephone would foul up his youngster’s life.

    Be that as it may, the tyke was resolved and declined to touch sustenance, normal strategies with youngsters at whatever point their requests were denied. The mother attempted to wheedle and convince the kid, however her endeavors fizzled. Be that as it may, after a considerable measure of influence, the youngster gave in. The father said: “Soon you will have an advanced cell in your grasp.” These words cheered the tyke; he broke the quick as though his genuine political interest had been acknowledged by the administration. In a flash, the tyke hopped with an inquiry “When?” At this the father was shocked. Presently he needed to act steadily without bringing about additional harm to the relationship. He said: “Yes, instantly after the aftereffects of your examination come. I should give you as a blessing.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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