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  • Learn. Connect with fresh perspectives and new approaches. Get answers to your questions.
  • Improve. Find out how others solved problems. Put their best practices and case studies to work for you.
  • Share. Answer others’ questions. Establish yourself as a contributor in your field or industry.
  • Develop. Make new connections to develop your career and your network.


ASQ’s “Local Community” is everywhere. ASQ members can connect with other members in your area physically or virtually. Advance your career by networking in your area.


ASQ community is also categorized on “Topics/ Industries” where member can find people that understand what you do and how you do it. Look to them for networking, best practice and support in related field.


ASQ’s members can join “Discussion Forum” for the following benefits:

  • Member can get the benefits from other invaluable experiences towards problem solving approach.
  • Members can answer one another's questions and hence knowledge sharing for the benefits of society.
  • If member answers someone's question — especially with a detailed response — this information can be referenced in the future.
  • Member will get recognition in professional quality community.


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