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Prepare - Quality Process Analyst Certification - CQPA

Step 2. Prepare for the exam.

ASQ designed these resources to help you get ready to take the exam. Have you already reviewed these items? Are you ready to choose an exam date?

Take a look at the body of knowledge.

The last administration of the current Quality Process Analyst Body of Knowledge will be December 6, 2013. The first administration of the new Quality Process Analyst Body of Knowledge will be December 7, 2013. Compare the old and new BoKs.

Review a list of references that provide the basis for the exam questions. These items give you a better idea of the material covered in the exam.

Take an interactive sample exam to receive additional feedback on the questions that appear in the sample exam. Print out the paper-and-pencil sample exam (PDF, 243 KB) to see the actual test format, including instructions and test questions from past exams.

ASQ offers many training opportunities to help you prepare.



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