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We have initiated this new monthly Masterclass Webinar series, where subject matter experts speak comprehensively on a topic with a focus on real life business challenges and solutions for forty-five minutes followed by discussion with audience through Q&A. Participation is free.




Join us for the 7th Masterclass on Use of Data for Improving Business Performance in Uncertain Times

Speaker: Dr. Ronald D Snee | Saturday, November 28, 2020 | 06:00 PM




Data have always been important. The collection of data is a critical step in the scientific method. Data are particularly important today with the highly uncertain times we face. We have Big Data, Little Data, data, data, data…… Using data to make progress is possibly more important today than ever before. This opportunity is a direct result of the ubiquitous availability of information technology and software to collect and analyze data. Properly used data can help monitor, control, and improve product, service and process performance. The ready availability of data is particularly important in these uncertain times. Processes, products and services vary. This variation adds uncertainty and increases risk. Data properly collected, analyzed and combined with subject matter knowledge increases product, process and service knowledge. Knowledge reduces risk and uncertainty. The relationships between uncertainty, variation, and risk and the use of data are discussed and illustrated with several case studies that show how the use of data greatly decreased uncertainty and lead to useful solutions and progress. “Data Pedigree” is introduced as an effective tool for assessing data integrity and data quality. Uncertainty in our world will likely continue to grow. Adopting a data-centric mindset will help position organizations for stronger performance in the future.


Ron Snee is Founder of Snee Associates, LLC, a firm dedicated to the successful implementation of process and organizational improvement initiatives, using Quality by Design, Continued Process Verification, Lean Six Sigma and other data-based improvement approaches that produce bottom line results. He has played a leadership role in 32 major corporate data-based improvement initiatives. Prior to entering the consulting field he worked at DuPont for 24 years in a variety of technical and managerial assignments.

This work has involved many, many data-based problem solving ventures involving data collection, analysis and interpretation in many different fields including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, plastics, insurance, newspaper publishing, clinical diagnostics, biology and agriculture. These experiences accumulated over more than five decades have produced a deep understanding of the practice and theory of effective data collection, analysis and interpretation.

Ron is an Honorary Member and Fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ); Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Academician in the International Academy for Quality. He has been awarded ASQ’s Shewhart, Grant and Distinguished Service Medals, and ASA’s Deming Lecture, Dixon Consulting Excellence and Gerry Hahn Quality and Productivity Achievement awards.

Ron has co-authored 8 books and more than 330 papers in the fields of statistics, process improvement, quality and management. His work has been recognized by 30 major awards. He received his BA from Washington and Jefferson College and MS and PhD degrees in Applied and Mathematical Statistics  from Rutgers University. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Pharmaceutical Programs at Temple and Rutgers Universities.


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