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ASQ India On-site Training

ASQ India offers on-site/ in-house training programs with a focus on long term capability building. ASQ also provides implementation support / hand holding to support application of the tools and concepts to real world situations delivering bottom line and top line results by utilizing the best industry practices drawn from its global experiences.

ASQ India also offers high end training programs leading to various ASQ certifications which are considered universal benchmark.

A representative list of training programs that ASQ India offers on-site, is as follows:

# Training Domain/Program Name Duration
A Six Sigma / Lean Six Sigma
A.1 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course follows ASQ BoK 8 days
A.2 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course follows ASQ BoK 15 days
A.3 Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course follows ASQ BoK 5 days
A.4 Design of Experiments Basic Learn to conduct scientific experiments for breakthrough result 2 days
A.5 Design of Experiments Advanced Advanced technique, done in workshop mode 3 days
A.6 Lean Management Overview of lean tools for waste and cycle time reduction 3 days
B.1 Root cause analysis/ basic problem solving Basic tools for problem solving, including 7 QC tools, 5 Why analysis etc. 2 days
B.3 Quality Function Deployment Development of robust products and processes as per customer requirements 1 days
B.5 Acceptance Sampling Arriving at plans for accepting/ rejecting materials based on statistical principles. 1 days
B.7 Value Stream Mapping Identify waste and make action plan for improvement – in workshop mode at gemba 1-5 days


Note: Unless mentioned, the courses are for both manufacturing and service sector industries. In manufacturing, most of the programs can be done in class room + workshop mode on the shop floor, for maximum benefit to the organization.


Customised Training: ASQ India may provide modular programs which are part of the various ASQ Bodies of Knowledge, customised as per your company requirements. ASQ also provides training to prepare staff for various ASQ certification examinations. To know more write to, or fill in your requirement on the ‘Voice Your Quality Need’ box.