Taking the Brakes Off the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been billed as the next big thing—and for good reason. We’re in an era of always-on connectivity, where traditional barriers to communication are crumbling by the day. With fewer boundaries and more freedom comes the space to innovate and connect.

The Downside of Happiness at Work

Happiness. That seems to be the goal, at least according to a wide array of self-help books and cute phrases on coffee mugs and aspirational cubicle signs and bosses telling us to smile more…..

Why Businesses Should Look Beyond University Degrees When Recruiting

Earlier this year, UK publishing company Penguin Random House declared that prospective job candidates would no longer be required to have a university degree when applying for a position at the company. This move followed in the footsteps of consulting firm Ernst & Young, which last year found “no evidence” that success at a university is linked to achievement in professional assessments…..